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Moving Forward: tell us your view

Moving Forward: tell us your view

Date Posted: 01/03/2013

PCW members are invited to respond to an informal consultation on the Church's shape and structure.

Following a review of the Church's present structure, a review panel has prepared a consultation document which suggests a possible new pattern for the way the Connexion's work is structured.

"This is a review of the Moving Forward scheme which was put in place in 2007," said Meirion Morris, PCW General Secretary. "It is now time to evaluate how effective this structure is."

"The review panel's recommendations are not revolutionary, but I hope that they will enable the entire Connexion to be more effective whilst safeguarding the various voices and interests within it. Perhaps the most radical idea is the amalgamation of the two Welsh-speaking provinces of the Association. If put in place, this structure would also have fewer committees and the decision-making process would be simpler."

The Panel would like to encourage an informal response to its initial ideas. The documents below have been sent to Presbyteries, Boards and Departments, ministers in pastorate and our mission partners but churches' and individuals' views are also welcomed.

The documents:

If you would like to respond to the ideas outlined in these documents, you are invited to send your comments to the Reverend Meirion Morris by 30 June 2013.

Following this informal consultation, the Panel will present final recommendations to the General Assembly this year. If these are accepted there will be a formal consultation with the Presbyteries and Association before Christmas. We will then submit final recommendations to the Association in the Spring of 2014 before submitting them to the General Assembly 2014.

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